Gillette Castle State Park - USA

Gillette Castle State Park is built for the American actor William Gillette, known also as the representative of the Phase Sherlock Holmes. Gillette Castle was built on the Connecticut River about 10 km from the town of East Haddam in the State of Connecticut in the United States of America America. Gillette Castle Castle normandsk√©ho copy Ch√Ęteau de Moulineaux.  

Gillette Castle State Park is designed for the smallest details. Castle Walls are up to 1.5 m wide. Gillette Castle State Park has a total of 24 rooms and 47 doors. The main hall complex system with hidden mirror. Fortress quantity more curiosities including such portion of the puzzle lock and crank to the door. In 2002, Gillette Castle as a whole reconstructed.  

Park around the fort in a small operation Rail track. The route led over a few bridges and pass through a tunnel. Gillette Castle in now serve as the Museum is here organized theatrical festival. Ambient park offers quantity pedestrian tourist routes and recreation jobs.


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