Kiyomizu Temple is Buddha Temple,Kyoto - Japan

Kiyomizu Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple, which was built in 798 and was 10 times were damaged or burned due to war or natural disaster.Kiyomizu Temple is dedicated to the canon to 11. And the main Hall (Hondo) is right in front of the mountain, also known as disana.Kuil Kiyomizu Kiyomizu-dera.

The literal translation of the name of the temple "pure water". Beneath the main hall is the waterfall Otowa from which you can drink. The local water is said to have medicinal properties.

Behind the main temple there are Jishu-Jinja shrine, called by God arranged marriage, and in front of the temple there are 2 stone which is often called the "Stone Blind" and "Stone Love Astrologer. "

The legend says that according to local residents by closing the eyes is 100 m we walked toward the stone blind with closed eyes or close my eyes and up right in front of the stone blind, then our desires will be achieved. And to test the loyalty of heart on the couple, we can try rock forecasters love, how to remain the same with her ​​eyes closed, but when our feet are not right direction towards stones or strayed far forecasters love our hearts are still thinking of others.

Kiyomizu Temple is under Kyoto's historical monuments inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2007 the church was one of 21 finalists for the seven new wonders of the world.


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