Rumoh Aceh had previously been called by the name of Aceh (1959-2001) and Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (2001-2009) is the westernmost province in Indonesia. Aceh has a traditional house that beranama Rumoh Aceh. Rumoh Aceh is the traditional home communities in the province of Aceh Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Architectural building Aceh Rumoh shaped stage with house building reaching a height of 2 and a half to 3 feet from ground level. To reach the entrance of the house,
you can climb a few stairs made of wood. Arriving at the top of the stairs, you can find the entrance to the house that height is only about 120 to 150 centimeters. So, to get into the house, you should head down.

Before heading Rumoh Aceh's main entrance, you can see a space that is located below the building. Usually, the people of Aceh to make the room as a children's playground and a place to store rice pestle. Once up the stairs and right in front of the entrance to the house, you can find the center of the house which consists of a room the front porch, foyer middle, and back porch.
When I first entered the Rumoh Aceh, you can find a space that looks roomy ie front porch. Usually, this room used as living room, a place to learn to read the holy book the Koran, as well as bedrooms for the boys. When the people of Aceh held a wedding ceremony or for safety, the front hall is usually used as a place for dinner together. Once past the front porch, you came in the living room.
In Rumoh Aceh, living room space is used as the parent or Rumoh Inong. When compared to the other room, the floor space is made relatively higher parent. In the main room there are some pieces that are built facing rooms. Typically, rooms that serve as beds for girls as well as heads of families in rumoh Aceh. If there is a family member in the Aceh Rumoh died, Houses Inong serve as a place to bathe the body.
The last room in Aceh Rumoh the back porch. Some space on the back porch used as a kitchen. Most of the room was used for women in Aceh to create unique fabrics and embroidery Aceh. Directly above the center foyer, you can find space on the relatively small size compared to the living room or basement. By the people of Aceh, the upper room used for storing various household items. Often, the room was used as a place to store items that are considered valuable. To build a Rumoh Aceh, the Acehnese people use wood as a pillar of the house. They use wooden planks to serve as floors and walls, and roofs of sago palm leaf strands. When they wanted to incorporate every part of the house, but they do not use nails or pegs strap from rattan. Although only made of wood, leaf thatched roofs, and contain no nails, Rumoh Aceh are believed to survive and not be subjected to 200 years.
For the people of Aceh are generally converted to Islam, Rumoh Aceh regarded as a sacred home. So strong was their belief in the sanctity, Rumoh Aceh always built facing west towards a supposedly tailored to their direction when the pilgrimage prayers. The main door of the house which made lower than the size of a normal human being regarded as a symbol, how high the degree or position, each person who entered the house should be looked down and pay homage to the homeowner.
Once entered into the Rumoh Aceh, everyone sat on the floor mat of reeds repose without any difference in status. Not only that, Houses Inong that the homeowner is considered as sacred space and Yahoo also has its own meaning. So strong presumption against the sanctity of their house this Inong, not everyone can get into the room parent or Rumoh Inong. That said, who can get into the house Inong only homeowners themselves. the people of Aceh, Aceh Rumoh not just a place to live. They make this house as a measure of social status of homeowners. Inside the house belonging to people who are considered famous in Aceh, you can see the carvings typical of Aceh which was taken from the Bible verse of the Qur'an. In addition, you can see the carvings with motifs of leaves, roots, tree trunks, and flowers. In one of the central foyer wall, you can see carvings depicting the moon and stars. More and more ornaments on Rumoh Aceh, is considered the more wealthy residents. As for families who are considered not to have excessive wealth, enough to decorate their homes with simple carvings.


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