Lumping Horse (Kuda Lumping) horse also called braid or jathilan is a traditional Javanese dance featuring a group of soldiers was on horseback. This dance is using a horse made of wicker and bamboo in the cut like a horse. Matting this horse decorated with colorful paint and fabric. Lumping horse dance is usually only shows the saber scene, but some performances will also serve lumping horse possessed attractions, immunity, and magical powers, such as the attraction of eating glass and immunity against flogging whip. Jaran braid is part of the dance performances reog. Though this dance came from Java, Indonesia, this dance is also inherited by the Javanese settled in Malaysia and Singapore.

Lumping horse dance is an art that is played with a horse property imitation, made from woven bamboo or braid. None of the historical record can explain the origin of this dance, only verbal history passed down from one generation to the next.

According to history, art Kuda Lumping born as a symbol that people also have the ability (superiority) in the face of the enemy or against the power elite who have the royal army. In addition, also as a medium for presenting entertainment that cheap but the phenomenal to the people at large. 
  Kuda Lumping is the art of dance that uses a fake horse made of woven bamboo and accompanied by gamelan music such as: gong, kenong, drums, and trumpet are able to make the audience was amazed by the attractions of each rider (dancer) Kuda Lumping. Remarkably, the traditional dancers of the original Kuda Lumping generally played by girls who dress like a soldier boy kingdom. Currently, more lumping horse players acted by boys. The sound of a prod (whip) of the players who deliberately imposed this art, became the beginning of the game and the entry of a mystical power that can remove the player's consciousness. With the climb of woven bamboo horses, horse rider who was given his ankles began to rattle this prancing, jumping up rolling on the ground. In addition to jumping, Kuda Lumping dancers also perform other attractions, like eating glass and peel the coconut with his teeth. Glass (glass) that is eaten is the usual light bulb as the torch home. He avidly ate like a shard of people starving, do not wince in pain and no blood at the time he ate the glass-shard.  
When viewed from the overall game Kuda Lumping, sound prod the never ending series of attractions that appear to dominate. Presumably, each prod done by the rider against itself, that on foot or other body parts, will give a magical effect. That is, when the crack length of woven rattan and on the feet and swung his body, the dancer lumping horse will feel stronger, more powerful, more Digdaya. Generally, in that condition, he will be more wild and the power of doing things and not abstruse absurd healthy normal humans.     

Bursts of fire coming out of the mouths of the other player started with gasoline accommodate in their mouth and then sprayed on a fire that burns in a bunch of small iron tip is made in such a manner so that fire does not die before and after the gas was sprayed from his mouth. Kuda Lumping on the game, the different meanings contained is the color. The colors are very dominant in this permaian namely: red, white and black. The red color symbolizes the courage and spirit. The white color symbolizes purity which is in the heart is also thought to reflect on all five senses so that it can serve as a role model in black. an attraction full of mystical and dangerous, lumping horse dance done under the supervision of a "supernatural leadership." Usually, this leader is a person who has a high magic that can restore the dancer back to consciousness as usual. He is also responsible for the way of attractions, as well as heal pain experienced by the players Kuda Lumping if there is something undesirable and cause illness or injury to the dancer. However, when viewed from the perspective of psychology, the person making the process as above is known as a medium. The person is only a means other than a soul which, in conveying something (another soul was often considered a ghost, ie, the souls of the dead). Is associated with a trance medium, namely the situation where a person is experiencing dissociation and loss of consciousness of the surroundings as well as perform a variety of automatic motion. In the above case, happen to a player who was possessed by spirits.


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