Clothing Custom of Papua is a province of Indonesia are the largest located in the center of the island's most eastern part of Papua or West New Guinea (Irian Jaya). Eastern hemisphere is a country of Papua New Guinea or East New Guinea. Papua endemic birds
Papua Province covers the entire territory of Papua before the west, so often referred to as West Papua, particularly by the Free Papua Organization (OPM) separatist movement that wanted to secede from Indonesia and establish their own state. During the colonial Dutch East Indies, the region is known as Dutch New Guinea (Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea or Dutch New Guinea). After being joined by the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia, the region known as West Irian Province from 1969 until 1973. His name was later changed to Irian Jaya by Soeharto inaugurated at the Freeport copper and gold mine, a name still used officially until 2002.
The name was changed to Papua province in accordance with Law No. 21 of 2001 on Special Autonomy. In 2003, accompanied by numerous protests (and the incorporation of Central Papua East Papua), Papua was divided into two provinces by the government of Indonesia; the eastern kept the name while the western part of Papua into the Province of West Irian Jaya (West Papua a year later.) The eastern part of which is the area of Papua Province at this time.
Papuan tribe in Irian Jaya has some uniqueness that is so special, customs, language, and especially their customary dress. Traditional dresses of Irian Jaya, Asmat, is a penis sheath. Penis sheath worn by the men who live around the area are made of leather flask Wamena.Koteka a long and narrow, serves to cover part of the male reproductive organs. Its use is tied to the rope around his waist. clothing is just cover the reproductive organs. So, we can be sure there are no other cover for the body. Maybe this is why many black-skinned tribe of Papua. However, because the climate is so hot, is not wrong if their customary dress was so simple.
Clothes for the women is almost equal with men. They only cover the body in the vicinity of the reproductive organs. They wear clothes like a skirt of dried plant root material is twisted or knitted like coarse threads that serve as a subordinate, or it can be said like skirts that cover their bodies.
Asmat Women bare-chested, exactly like the male.
They are already used to this so it does not violate the norms of decency in the region like lain.Anda still remember the adage where there trampled earth upheld the sky?
Where we are, we must respect the customs and culture of the area.
Last post Unfortunately a few years, technological developments and modernization eventually enter and affect the culture of the Asmat people. This resulted in fewer Asmat who still use their traditional clothes. Many of those who use the same shirts and jeans like most people in the world.


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