Dangdut Music History

(Rhoma Irama is the king of dangdut from indonesia)

Dangdut is one of a growing genre of musical art in the country.The flow of dangdut music was born after the teachings of Islam arrived in Indonesia that has been mixed with music flow India.Dangdut is one of a growing genre of musical art in Indonesia.Bentuk only dangdut music is rooted in the Malay music in 1940-an.Dalam evolution towards forms now enter the influence of contemporary musical elements of India (mainly from the use of tabla) and Arabic (on crooked and harmonization).
This music started to grow and take root around the year 1940.Musik was influenced by Indian music elements captured from the musical instrument called the tabla, or music that use gendang.Sedangkan twisted and harmonization refers to the Arabic music.
Finally, coupled by the influence of western music began to bloom in the late 1960s by using the electric guitar .. Dangdut could be said more mature since the 1970's an.Ciri Typical dangdut music accompanied by drums and dancing a graceful flute. 
Mention the name "dangdut" is a sound game onomatope of tabla (drum in the world called dangdut only) a distinctive and is dominated by noise and ndut dang. This name is actually a cynical title in a magazine article the early 1970s to form malay music is very popular among working-class society at that time. Until now also has a lot of artist management and dangdut song in Indonesia.
Dangdut is very elastic in the face and affect other forms of music. Western songs popular in the 1960s and the 1970s many of didangdutkan. Kasidah stringed musical genre and slowly drift off into the flow way dangdut music.

This music is far different from the original traditional music Indonesia.Tetapi there is little similarity in particular from the traditional Malay customs. Dangdut music journey that seknifikan amended from time backwards. Now finally Boom Music Dangdut is Indonesia's even Abroad.


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