Tsuzumi (Japanese music instrument)

Tsuzumi Is a Japanese drum.It consists of drum-shaped wooden body like an hourglass. Tsuzumi a role in Noh and Kabuki theater, but also used min’yo , Or Japanese folk song. Tsuzumi as kotsuzumi  Or “small Tsuzumi“.Tsuzumi, all from a family of Japanese two-headed drums with hourglass-shaped (waisted) bodies. Both heads of the smaller ko-Tsuzumi are horsehide. The device is held in the right shoulder and hit the player with the fingers of his right hand. The four bass drums can produce circulating taut soft.

Tsuzumi usually made of leather and hardwoods such as cherry trees, Tsuzumi is renowned for its high-pitched beats and is the only Japanese drums played with bare hands.
When launching a five-instrument ensemble of glass in Tokyo, the group Gonin Bayashi Day, which was established to promote the use of glass in a traditional Japanese instrument, play a few songs.


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