Keroncong Music History

Maestro Keroncong Gesang Martohartono  from indonesian (1917-2010)

Keroncong is a type of Indonesian music that has a historical relationship with a kind of Portuguese music known as Fado. According to Heins Erant (in Harmunah, 1987: 7) before the sixteenth century, Portuguese ships came this kekepulauan. They held a nexus of trade in nearly all corners of Indonesia and develop the Catholic religion. Portuguese trade was only using the ships, but the cause of slavery-slavery (slave). And finally meninggalakan former African India, Sri Lanka, Malaya (Malaysia), who introduced the term Indo Portuguese and also referred to by the term "Black Portuguese". Black people, this is a new family called Mahardika in Sanskrit language. In the past in Europe, people looked at it as a nation Indo low darjatnya and that only inherited disposition is not good-nature from his parents. This opinion is disputed by experts (experts) and the evidence suggests that people of mixed blood is generally accomplished in a variety of science, so people who berdarjat termasuklah high. This view is wrong as above that may affect the disposition of experts, so they only arise intention to investigate what is considered authentic only, and it is obvious that the Music keroncong kerana diketepikan history by scholars and historians muzikologi Music (Tobias in Harmunah, 1987: 8) In 1511 the Portuguese under the leadership of Alfonso d 'Albuquerque captured Melaka that time was led by Sultan Alaudin Shah. After 11 years in Melaka, then in 1522 the Portuguese traders to continue his trip to Ternate and Ambon, and has stopped in several islands. Kerana come from far away they are lonely due to separation from family experts. To fill these lonely they bring tools such as Music namely ukulele ukulele. The sound that comes out of the tool and melodious songs are sung by Portuguese traders that sounds strange and weird sounds by native people Nusantara, kerana natives accustomed to the notation and the pentatonic pelog slendro time while they listen to diatonik notation. Only tool that starts from ukulele Music solitary (played by himself), then centuries later grew into Music keroncong that we recognize today. Playing an instrument Muzik cause boredom, so they started to play with his friends by adding other Muzik tools such as coconut shell, bamboo Kent, tambourines and others. Thus Music tool keroncong not like the existing form but take time or a very long evolution. From That brief history, We do not deny there are elements kerocong That Music is coming from outside muziknya tool, but the shape of muziknya (Muzik keroncong) is not a form of foreign Music Actually but the work of our own ancestors. As happens adaptation to odor coming from outside Music is precisely kreativiti our ancestors that we should cherish.

And around the 1940 Art keroncong music started to go to Malaysia. Music keroncong brought into this country by the Javanese people who migrated to this region to trade, seek employment and so forth.

Type keroncong :
Music keroncong more inclined to the chord progressions and the type of tool used. Since the mid-20th century has been known for at least three kinds of keroncong, which can be recognized from the pattern of progression akordnya. For musicians who already understand the plot, accompanied keroncong songs are actually not difficult, because quite match the pattern applies. Development is done by maintaining the consistency of the pattern. In addition, there are mixed forms and adaptations. 


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