Joglo House

Joglo is a traditional house of Javanese society. Consisting of 2 main sections namely Pendapa and dalem. Pendapa this part is the front that have a large room Joglo without barriers, typically used to receive guests or a playroom where children and family leisure. Part palace is part of a room in the house bedroom, living room and other spaces that are more privacy. The characteristics of the building is on the roof Pendapanya towering like a mountain.
Historically, the development of residential Java people can be categorized into 4 types of traditional houses: Panggangpe shape, Kampung shape, Limasan form Joglo form. Compared to other forms, the house forms known joglo society in general. Houses Joglo mostly owned by those who can afford. Why? Jalarannya home joglo need more material and expensive than other forms of home. Java Community joglo used to think that home should not be owned by any person, by ordinary people, but only allowed for the nobles, kings, and princes, and they are honorable and respectable. But today joglo house also used by all levels of society and also for various other functions, such as conference hall and offices. Basically house joglo berdenah square shape, with four main pillars in the middle of the call pillars, and is used blandar compound which is called intercropping. This rectangular shape in its development changed with the additions of space on the side of the building but remained a unitary form of a rectangular floor plan.
From these changes came the various forms of home joglo by various names, namely: joglo jompongan, joglo kepuhan jokes, joglo ceblokan, joglo kepuhan limolasan, joglo sinom clamp, joglo pengrawit, joglo kepuhan clamp, joglo semar tinandu, joglo sexual intercourse, joglo Wantah clamp, joglo hageng, and joglo mangkurat.
List of Traditional Houses in Indonesia :
1. DI Aceh province / the Aceh Darussalam / NAD Traditional House Traditional: Rumoh aceh
 2. Province of North Sumatra / North Sumatra Traditional House Traditional: Houses hall Toba Batak 
3. West Sumatra Province / West Sumatra Traditional House Traditional: Home gadang 
4. Riau Province Traditional House Traditional: House melayu selaso twin falls
 5. Jambi Province Traditional House Traditional: House stage 
6. South Sumatra Province / South Sumatra Traditional House Traditional: Homes pyramid
 7. Lampung Province Traditional House Traditional: Nuwo astray
 8. Bengkulu Province Traditional House Traditional: Home ridge five 
9. DKI Jakarta Province Traditional House Traditional: Home kebaya
 10. West Java Province / Jabar Traditional House Traditional: Kesepuhan 
11. Central Java Province / Central Java Traditional House Traditional: Home joglo
 12. Province of Yogyakarta / Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta Traditional House Traditional: Home joglo 13. Province of East Java / East Java Traditional House Traditional: Home joglo 
14. Bali Province Traditional House Traditional: The gate of the temple briefly 
15. West Nusa Tenggara Province / NTB Traditional House Traditional: In the workshop Samawa 
16. East Nusa Tenggara Province / NTT Traditional House Traditional: Sao ata Mosa lakitana 17. West Kalimantan Province / Kalbar Traditional House Traditional: Homes long 
18. Central Kalimantan Province / Kalteng Traditional House Traditional: Home betang 
19. South Kalimantan Province / South Kalimantan Traditional House Traditional: Home banjo 20. Province of East Kalimantan / Kalimantan Traditional House Traditional: Home Lamin 
21. North Sulawesi Province / North Sulawesi Traditional House Traditional: House Bolaang Mongondow
22. Central Sulawesi Province / Central Sulawesi Traditional House Traditional: Souraja / mansion
 23. Sulawesi Tenggara / Southeast Sulawesi Traditional House Traditional: Laikas 
24. South Sulawesi Province / South Sulawesi Traditional House Traditional: Tongkonan 
25. Maluku Province Traditional House Traditional: Baileo 
26. Province of Irian Jaya / Papua Traditional House Traditional: Home honai 


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