Calvary Zwickau in Czech Republic

Zwickau is the cross of Calvary to the Mount of the Cross-track over the city Cvikov, Czech Republic. Referring to exactly 1.5 km northeast of Cvikova.
Cross hill near Cvikova

Calvary Zwickau began with punčochářovi Johann Franz Richter, who settled in 1728. He began with Florian Friedrich to build this shrine. He is allowed to build there they coax out. Founded in 1729 on Rocky three crosses. A year later, construction of stone God 's grave. I grew up with her ​​wooden chapel dedicated 24. July 1735. The road to the Chapel is slowly starting to change thanks to some dobrodincům in the way of the cross.  

Some people here have cost them to build 8-small stone chapel with the most important places of suffering of Jesus. Then another chapel here has grown. In 1847, he was ordained at the site old wooden chapel, a new stone chapel. In 1883 he was about the way vysázena lipová Avenue. Unfortunately, then, after 2. World War II, Calvary Zwickau deteriorated. Fortunately, it can be repaired again in 1991. Today one can see enter the alley 14 chapels with scenes of plastic that move, which comes from the final 19. century, and one more výklenkovou Chapel at the foot of the hill with birds relief of Christ on the Mount of Olives.


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