Sasando a Traditional Music Instrument from Rote, Indonesian

Sasando is a stringed musical instrument or cordophone type musical instrument. It comes from the island of Rote, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. The most southern island in Indonesia archipelago.Sasando word comes from Rote word sasandu. Sasando form is similar with other stringed instruments such as guitar, violin and harp.

From the story conveyed from generation to generation, Sasando found two shepherds. The legend says they named Lumbilang and Balialang. When meladang with the sheep, they take a leaf palm. When the middle of the day, they folded the papyrus is to draw water. Understandably then, their thirst. For folding, the center of the young yellow leaves should be discarded. Then, when about to remove, string dikencangkannya. Unexpectedly, when pulled hard, making a sound different tone. However, due to intermittent continue, both then mencungkili these sticks. Finally, they found: if the string is associated meetings will emit a high tone. Conversely, the more stretched, the strings produce a low tone.
At first, nine-stringed Sasando. Then, obviously Jeremias Pah, Sasando developed and consists of two types according to the number of strings. There are gong Sasando 90-10 and roped roped Sasando violins 24 to 32. However, over time, touched and enriched cultural dialogue sounds produced Sasando. Modifications done by increasing the number of strings up to 39 to 42. In fact, there are also added to 56 strings. In addition, now not only able to sing Sasando mga pentatonic, but can also meyenandungkan diatonik tones. In fact, not a few artists who make Sasando electricity. But, still, Sasando folding still be excellent. As a result, exploration of world rhythms Sasando in even more rich.

Type of Sasando :
Sasando Engkel : Sasando that has 28 strings
Sasando Dobel  :  Sasando that has 56 strings, some type has 84 strings.
Sasando Gong (Sasando Haik)
Sasando Biola (Violin Sasando)

Music Instrument Sasando also once used on paper money Rp.5.000, - emission 1992.


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