Saman Dance, Aceh

Saman dance is a tribal dance Gayo commonly displayed to celebrate important events in custom. Saman dance uses poetry in Arabic and Gayo. In addition, this dance is usually also displayed to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. In some literature mentions Saman dance of Aceh was founded and developed by Sheikh Saman, a cleric who comes from the Gayo in Aceh Tenggara.

 Saman Dance is usually accompanied by music, such as “gendang” and use the voice from all the dancers and they claps are usually combined with clap on their chase and their thigh as a synchronizing and flung their body to all directions. This dance held by a leader named Syech. Because the formation uniformity and the time precision is a must in performing this dance, so every dancer has to have high concentrate and serious practice to perform perfectly. This dance is done as a group combined with singing  together  to all dancers, in kneel-sitting position and make a line without any music instrument.

Because of the dynamism of this dance, the dance is often danced by man, but as it’s development, this dance is often performed by woman or both of them. This dance is performed at least 10 person: 8 person as the dancers and 2 person as giving a sign while doing dancing.


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