Poulnabrone Dolmen in Republic of Ireland

Poulnabrone Dolmen or 'Hole Sorrows' is a portal tomb located in the Burren, County Clare Ireland. The tomb is thought to have existed for 6,000 years. Consisting of a dolmen, such as corner stone slabs, tabular supported by two slender stone portal, which raised 1.8m soil foundation, creating a space in 9m cairn low.

Features :

The dolmen consists of a twelve-foot, thin, slab-like, tabular capstone supported by two slender portal stones, which lift the capstone 1.8m (6ft) from the ground, creating a chamber in a 9m (30ft) low cairn. The cairn helped stabilize the tomb chamber, and would have been no higher during the Neolithic. The entrance faces north and is crossed by a low sill stone.

Mysterious Tomb :
If you are interested in natural conditions, vegetation in the Burren region is very poor and there is not enough earth there. In the tomb Poulnabrone there are only about 25 cm thick layer of earth and rock just underneath. The way they buried their dead are still covered in mystery. Body buried without flesh and bones which are separated from one another. Anyone know how the bones are separated from the meat. If the meat has a post-mortally separated by the cuts, the bones would be born to trace a knife or hatchet. If they had let the body that are exposed to few predators, the bones will have been damaged as well. The most likely theory is that this plate is used for funeral rituals, namely the bodies were buried somewhere else, digging after some time and carefully placed them into a new tomb.

Transport :

Poulnabrone Dolmen is situated near the R480 road, about 9 km south of the city Ballyvaghan. Entrance free. There are about seventy tombs in the vicinity. You may also fascinated by the hundreds of small dolmens in the area. However, they may be long just a few minutes, as a stone serving tourists for entertainment.


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