Reog (Ponorogo) History

Reog Ponorogo art is one hallmark of cultural arts Ponorogo East Java Indonesia.Basically there are five versions of the popular story that developed in the community about the origins and Warok Reog, but one of the most famous story is the story of the rebellion Ki Ageng lice. Isah Demat Ki Ageng Flea Suryonggalan who want to satirize the King of Majapahit, Brawijaya V. King The King at that time often did not meet its obligations because it is too influenced and controlled by the empress. Therefore made of leather Barongan kingpin tiger (Java Tiger) who rides the peacock. The King is represented as a peacock while riding the tiger symbolizes the empress. In addition, for insinuation is safe, Ki Ageng protect it with trained troops, reinforced by the powerful ranks of the warok mandraguna. In the reign of the Duke of Roxburgh Batorokatong who ruled about 500 years ago, reog began to develop into folk art. Duke companion named Ki Ageng Mirah use reog to expand his power.

Reog used as a means to collect mass and an effective communication channel for the rulers at that time. Ki Ageng Mirah and then make a legendary story about the Kingdom Bantaranangin which by most people Ponorogo trusted as history. Duke Muslim Batorokatong Barongan also utilize it to spread Islam. Lions name later changed to Reog Barongan, which comes from the word Riyoqun, which means Khusnul khatimah meaningful despite all his life wallowing in sin, but when finally realized and devoted to God, then heaven guarantee. Furthermore reog art continues to grow in line with the times. The story continues to retell the story of creation reog Ki Ageng Mirah who passed mouth to mouth, from generation to generation.

Reog refers to several Chronicle, One of them is a chronicle Kelana Sewandana. Babad Klana Sewandana said to be the original standard of performance art reog. Similar stories in legend Lara Bondowoso Jongrang, Klono Sewondono Chronicle also tells about the love of a king, Sewondono of the Kingdom Jenggala, which almost rejected by the Goddess Sanggalangit of the Kingdom of Kediri. The princess asked Sewondono to bring the entire contents of the forest to the palace as a dowry. In order to meet the demand of the princess, must beat Sewandono forest watchman, Singa Barong (sudden peacock). But it is certainly not easy. The warok, soldier, and governor of Jenggala also become victims. Armed with heirloom Samandiman whip, Sewondono down itself to the scratch and beat Singobarong. Reog illustrated with dance performances soldiers who not only dominated the men but also women, motion bringasan the warok, and dashing and high-profile Sewandana costume, the king of love seekers.


Musical instruments used in such a drum and there are also musical instruments such as angklung, and the prospect. Musical instruments used there is no official rule, an important artnya out sounds - sounds that smart, and beating with a constant, dung-dung-dung.
While the instrument retinue, kempul, tap, konong, handheld, ketipung, anglung and pelok that gave rise to the mystical atmosphere, strange, exotic dansekaligus excite.

 Costume :

Using wore black with polished face red.
black pants
white shirt
Udeng (headband)
Shorts  eccentric
T-shirt reog
Wearing masks
Kelono sewandono
Wearing clothing queen
Black trousers
T reog


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