Pyramids of Egypt is the name for which is located in the Egyptian pyramids, known as the "land pyramid" even if found in large numbers pyramid sites in the Yucatan Peninsula which is the center of Mayan civilization.
Since the 6th century BC, Egypt was the refuge Poshi empire, who lost his position after standing more than 2,000 years, to receive power from outside the kingdom of Greece, Rome, the Islamic kingdom and the power of other nations. During that time a large number of famous works of Pharaoh destroyed, literacy and religious beliefs of the Egyptians themselves were gradually replaced by other cultures, so that the culture of ancient Egypt to be receding and destroyed, generations later also lost a large number of relics that can decipher clues left by the predecessors.
Year 450 BC, after a Greek historian around and arrived in Egypt, whose writings: Cheops (Khufu Greek alphabet), it is said he said, were destroyed after 50 years. In a certain limit the Greek historian uses the phrase "it is said, she-said, meaning that the truth needs to be proven again. However, since it is the opinion of the Greek historians quote generations later even became as important evidence that the pyramids were royal dynasty founded in the 4th.

Exceptional Building Techniques
In Egypt, the pyramids there are so many various sizes, the default is not only much smaller, its structure too harshly. Among the pyramid which was established in the kingdom to-5 and 6, many of which have been damaged and destroyed, a heap of debris, such as the pyramid of King Menkaure as shown. Then, the great pyramid was built during the early, in a major earthquake in the 13th century, where some stone walled outer have been destroyed, but because the inside of the wall supported by a buffer, so the entire structure remains very strong. Therefore, when building a giant pyramid, not just simply make 3 million stones into a cone shape, if there are deficiencies in the design of this special construction, partially damaged, it can lead to completely collapse due to heavy sustained loads.
After all, how is the project of building a giant pyramid is created, remains a topic that makes a headache scholars. Apart from considering a large number of stone and the power needed, the most important factor is the culmination of the pyramid should be in the field of basic right in the middle point of the 4 corners. Because if the 4 corners sideways and slightly distorted, then when I close the peak point can not be united on one point, it means that this building project failed. Therefore, it is a very important point, how is putting some 2.3 million -2.6 million pieces every stone boulder weighing 2.5 tons from the ground up to as high as more than a hundred yards in space and installed from start to finish on right position.

Master Li Hongzhi in his lecture at the 2002 North American tour was also never mentioned the possibility. "Man can not understand how the pyramid was made. Stone is so great how people transport it? Some of the human person five feet tall giant who carries something, it is with humans now move a big rock is the same. To build the pyramid, the five-meter-tall human like we are now building a big building. "
Thinking so would not want to make us imagine, that the giant pyramids and a large number of ancient giant stone buildings found in various parts of the world have brought the same doubt to everyone: big and majestic, is formed by using a very large stone structure, even drafting very perfect. Like for example, in a suburb north of Mexico there is the Castle Sacsahuaman arranged with giant stones which weigh more than 100 tons, of which there is a giant rock that reaches 28 feet high, estimated to weigh 360 tons (equivalent to 500 family cars). And on the plains of southwest England have a giant rock formation, surrounded by dozens of giant rocks and formed a large circle, in between some rocks high as 6 meters. Actually, how can a group of humans who are they? Why always use a giant rock, and not using a stone that size in the range of our ability to build?
Sphinx, a lion-faced man who is also an important object of research scientists, height 20 meters, 73 meters in overall length, considered to be founded by the Pharaoh of the 4th job of Khafre. However, through the former are eaten rust (erosion) on the surface of the body of the Sphinx, scientists estimate that the construction might be more early, at least 10 thousand years before Christ.
Rubich Swalle mathematician showed: in the year 11,000 BC, Egypt must have had a great culture. At that time the Sphinx has been there, because the lion-faced human body part, other than the head, obviously there is the former erosion. Estimates are in a terrible flood in 11,000 BC and successive heavy rains and resulting erosion marks.
Washeth and Robert S. also shows: Technology of the ancient Egyptians could not have carved out such a large scale on a giant rock, art products that complicated technique.
If observed on the whole, we can logically conclude, that in ancient times, in the land of Egypt, once there is a very advanced culture, but because of the shifting plates of the earth, ground stone sink in the ocean, and a very ancient culture at that time finally removed, leaving the pyramids and the Sphinx by using technology that perfect building. 

Human-headed lion Sphinx statue is believed to be the head of Cheops. It has a length of 3 meters and 20 meters high. Symbolizes the heroic character like a lion and gentle personality like a human.
Neighboring Sphinx near the pyramids seem very ancient giants. Scientists confirm that the body, such as irrigation channels and water eroded, he had experienced some humid weather, therefore estimates that he very likely had been there before 10 thousand years ago.


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