Castles In Japan Is Very Amazing

1. Gusuku

 Gusuku or tribe is the designation in the language of Okinawa to the castle or fortress. Gusuku contained in the former Kingdom of Ryukyu region, including in the Amami Islands (Kagoshima Prefecture) and the Yaeyama Islands (Okinawa Prefecture). Gusuku function as a palace official residence aji (ruler) and the Ryukyu kings throughout the ages Sanzan.

2. Heian  Castle

 Palace Heian or Daidairi is the imperial palace in the capital city of Japan's Heian-Kyo (Kyoto) Palace serves as the official residence of the emperor and the administrative center of Japan during the Heian period (794-1185). The palace was in a closed area surrounded by walls. Inside are some ceremonial and administrative buildings, including offices of the ministry. Dairi Palace In the so-called walled apart, and the Japanese emperor's residence complex. In addition to the emperor's residence, Dairi is where the wives of the emperor's residence and buildings used by the emperor in the official and ceremonial duties.

3. Himeji Castle 

 Himeji Castle is a castle located in Himeji city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Enchanting beauty of white stucco that dominated the palace walls of Himeji Castle has made another call "white egret bird palace." Himeji Castle is one example of architectural relics of the palace from the beginning of the 17th century's most important.


4. Hirosaki Castle

 Hirosaki Palace is a palace in the city of Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, was built JepangIstana first time in 1611, and is a palace residence Tsugaru clan as well as government offices Hirosaki Domain. Another name of this palace is the Palace of Hirosaki Castle Takaoka.Di there are more than 2,600 cherry trees, and well known throughout Japan as a place to do hanami.

5. Hiroshima Castle

  Hiroshima Castle or palace is often called the Koi fish is a palace located in the city of Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Jepang.Pertama built in 1589, atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 destroyed the entire palace buildings. The current palace is a replica built in 1958 and serves as a museum of the history of Hiroshima before World War period II.Menara main black color of koi fish or moat around the castle there is lots of koi fish is the reason Hiroshima Castle is known as the palace of the fish koi.
6. Kumamoto

 Palace is a palace Kumamoto in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, which opened to the public.


7. Matsue Castle

  Matsue Palace is a feudal castle in Matsue, Shimane prefecture, Japan. Nicknamed "black castle", this palace is one of the few medieval castle in Japan remains in a timber first, and is not a modern reconstruction.


8. Matsumoto Castle

 Matsumoto Palace is a palace located in the city of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Kasitl can be reached from Tokyo via road and rail.

9. Nagoya Castle 

 Nagoya Castle is a palace located in the city of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya Jepang.Istana touted as one of the three best in Japan palace ever built Kato Kiyomasa and Todo Takatora. Two other castle is Osaka Castle and Kumamoto Castle. On the roof of the main tower are two small shachi (tiger-headed fish legend) of pure gold, so the famous Nagoya Castle as Shachi Golden Palace or Palace of Gold. Fish shachi of gold is also a symbol of the city of Nagoya.

10. Japanese Palace 

 Japanese Palace is a large building that was built using wood and stone as the primary building materials, and designed as a center of defense when the enemy comes to attack. In times of war used as headquarters, a place to store funds for the war, as well as supplies such as food storage centers and ammunition. The palace is considered to be a place of residence of an important warlord, the central government and the collection of information about the situation of war. Just as in European castles, castles in Japan are generally built near the main road or on the edge of the river to ease transport and keep the areas that are considered strategic.
11.Istana Osaka 

Istana Osaka(大阪 城, Osaka-jo?) Is a palace located in the Osaka Castle Park, the district of Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka Jepang.Istana a heritage building that is protected by the Japanese government. The main tower of Osaka Castle towering symbol town Osaka.Istana Osaka castle once used as a fortress since the days of Azuchi Momoyama to the Edo period.


12. Shuri Palace 
 Palace of Shuri (Okinawa languages: / suigusiku / [1], Japanese: 首 里 城 Shurijō) is a former palace owned by the Kingdom of Ryukyu in Shuri, Okinawa, Japan. This palace is one gusuku in the Ryukyu Islands. Battle of Okinawa in 1945, the Shuri Castle entirely destroyed by Allied attacks. Only a few high wall a few feet left over after the war. In 1992, the palace was rebuilt in its original location on the basis of photographs and historical records.

There are about 5,000 castles in Japan, but now there are only about 50 remaining.

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